Romer's Abfüllmaschinen


Filling and sealing

Our machines 

Our filling systems and sealing machines enable the efficient packing of your products. They precisely and neatly fill all liquid and viscous products into containers and then seal these immediately. The systems can be perfectly cleaned. 


You have the choice between two performance classes:

ALKA-mat 2

Output up to 2000 or 3600 cups/hour


Especially suited for:

  • fully-automatic production
  • production of metered portions  
    (up to 15 million cups/year per machine, in three shift production)
  • production lines with multiple ALKA-mat 2 machines
  • round-the-clock production
  • operations with a wide variety of product types/-flavours
  • production of specialities 
  • laboratory and development departments
  • contract filling operations
  • teaching operations


Detailed information on the ALKA-mat 2


More output

Create a production line for more output and flexibility


Output up to 1000 cups/hour 


Especially suited for:

  • small operations  
  • operations with a wide variety of products or 
    types of products
  • production of specialities  
  • laboratory and development departments
  • product launches
  • schools


Detailed information on the ROTINO-CUPFILLER