Romer's Abfüllmaschinen


ALKA-mat 2

The fully-automatic filling and sealing system

Nobody else produces so cost-effectively!

The ALKA-mat 2 is a compact filling and sealing system. With the ALKA-mat 2 you produce efficiently and very reliably. You provide it with the filling product and the packaging material and at the end you hold the sales-ready product in hand 



  • precise and drip-free filling
  • thanks to the compact design there is no loss during filling product / -type changeover (no hoses, pipes, dead spaces)  
  • reliable and highly efficient with extremely low operational- and production costs
  • only one person required for operation
  • mechanically controlled, robust construction (low noise levels!)
  • no pressurized air!  
  • up to 3 shift-production possible (production up to 15 million/year)
  • short conversion times during format changes
  • easy and quick to clean
  • easy to integrate into a production line

Mode of operation:

The ALKA-mat 2 is a 6-component rotary machine. All movements are mechanically controlled and are always synchronised, irrespective of the speed of the machine. Even at maximum production the ALKA-mat 2 delivers excellent quality.


The 6 stations:

  1. Cup removal from the cup magazine
  2. Filling station
  3. Empty (second filling station when required)
  4. Placing-on of the lid
  5. Heat sealing or pressing on the lid
  6. Date printing (optional) and cup discharge


  • Standard: one cup per cycle
  • Double track: two cups per cycle (for containers up to ø55mm)



The ALKA-mat 2 is very simple to operate. In a few steps you set the speed, sealing temperature and the filling volumes. Then you press START and the production runs.


Technical specifications:

Technical specifications and dimension


For more information, please contact Ms. Ursel Romer