Romer's Abfüllmaschinen


Filling machine ALKA-mat 2 - Specifications



The ALKA-mat 2 is a mechanically controlled filling system. The cups are filled and fully-automatically heat sealed or closed by the pressing on of lids.


The 6 stations:

  1. Cup removal from the cup magazine
  2. Filling station
  3. Empty (second filling station when required)
  4. Placing-on of the lid
  5. Heat sealing or pressing on the lid
  6. Date printing and cup discharge



Standard: 1 cup per cycle 

Double track: 2 cups per cycle (for containers up to ø55mm) 


Filling ranges:





Additional ranges on request 


Filling temperature:

up to 95°C



standard: up to 2000 cups/hour 

double track: up to 3600 cups/hour 


Format change:

  • Format components: 6 cup rings, 1 cup magazine,
    1 lid magazine, 1 sealing plate (sealing head)
  • Time required: approx. 5 minutes  


Maximum packaging dimensions: 

Sealing cups: up to ø100mm

Catering cups: up to ø95mm

Aluminium cans: up to ø95mm

Container height: up to 110mm 

Other sizes on request. 


Energy usage:

Electric: 3x400V + neutral + earth, 50Hz, usage 0.5kW 

Air pressure: The standard ALKA-mat 2 requires no air-pressure!


Dimensions [in mm]: