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CUPFILLER - Specifications



The CUPFILLER is an air-pressure-driven piston filler. The desired volume is set via a spindle. The piston filler can be disassembled in a few easy steps and cleaned to the highest hygienic standard.


Operating mode:

  • Single cycle: each cycle is triggered separately
  • Automatic mode: the CUPFILLER runs continuously up to the stop signal

The speed is freely selectable. The set values can be saved in 4-value databases.



Up to 1000 cups/hour.



The operation is controlled via the touch panel. 


Filling ranges:

Two filling cylinders are supplied with the piston filler:

  • 15-180ml
  • 50-550ml

Larger containers can be filled through repeated metering and closed by hand


Filling temperature:

up to 95°C


Power supply and usage:

  • Electric: 230V + neutral + earth, 50Hz
  • Air pressure: 6bar working pressure, max. usage 100l/min (only CUPFILLER)


Dimensions [in mm]: