Romer's Abfüllmaschinen



The piston filler with soft start

Precision from the first cup to the last!


The CUPFILLER is a high-precision piston filler. It is suitable for the filling of all products which are liquid or viscous at the time of filling.



  • the compact design prevents wastage during filling product changeover (no hoses, no pipes, no dead spaces)
  • quick to disassemble and to clean hygienically!
  • no dripping thanks to filling product - specific attachments (nozzles)
  • quick changeover between various filling products
  • the filling speed is freely selectable


Mode of operation:

The piston sucks the filling product from the hopper into a cylinder and discharges this into the cup. The desired volume is set via a spindle.


The CUPFILLER is operated through the ROTINO and controlled via the ROTINO's touch panel. You can also control the CUPFILLER individually to fill tubs, bottles and jars.



The piston filler is not suitable for highly viscous filling products.


Technical specifications: 

Technical specifications and dimensions